Tom Petty - Honey Bee chords

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To play the verses lick, strike the sixth string open(E), then hammer on the
3rd fret(G) and then the 5th(A).  Do this every time you see the progression 
E-G-A. Play the verses on the sixth and fifth strings, unless you want to 
embellish.  Try using your thumb with a slap style to change up the lick and
keep it interesting.  

d-------------|-----------|-------------|---------|  REPEAT

Come on now, give me some sugar
Give me some sugar, little Honey bee
Don't be afraid now, not gonna hurt you
I wouldn't hurt, my little honey Bee

Don't say a word, bout what were doin
Don't say nothin little honey bee
Don't tell your momma, dont tell your sister
Don't tell your boyfriend, little honey bee

A                        C
She like to call me king bee
She like to buzz round my tree
I call her honey bee
A              C
Im a man in a trance
Im a boy in short pants
When I see my honey bee
And Ive got something to say

Look here now, peace in the valley
Peace in the valley with my honey bee
Don't say a word, bout what were doin
Don't say nothin little honey bee

She give me her monkey hand
And a rambler sedan
I'm the king of Milwaukee
Her juju beads are so nice
She kissed my third cousin twice
I'm the king of Romona
And Ive got something to say

Tabbed by J.Head
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