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Treble Charger - Red tab

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Song: Red
Artist: Treble Charger
Tuning: Standard (E, A, D, G, B, E)

Intro: G,  D,  Am7

Verse 1:
G			    D
     Saw you looking for a light
Face painted cigarette white
G				D
You asked the cleanest boy you found
You couldn't see me turned around
C				    G	    D
His fingers stretched across your empty gaze
That I just can't escape

As the red fades from your wrinkled dress
A picture of the people you've impressed
Hangs on a wall around here
Vision starts to crawl when I'm near
And the evening waits
While you get caught up to your own mistakes
Made up different lines
I wouldn't wanna keep in my mind

Solo: G,  C,  Em,  Am7

Verse 2:
(Play the same as the first verse)
I wondered why you'd come around
Remembering your little girl frown
Your answers kept the crowd at bay
With compliments unwilling to pay
I had some things I'd like to say to you
But they just can't be true
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