Trevor Hall - Te Amo chords

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Capo 4

C: x32010
C9: x20010
Am: x02210
Gadd4: 320010
Csus4: xx3013

Verse 1:
Well I been trying to meet you baby
I been trying to seek your lovely
Tell me where you come from darling
Tell me where you run to honey
I am only here to listen
I am only here to fear
Tell me everything about you
Tell me about all the hearts you steal

Verse 2: (same as above
Fire is burning round me
Are you gonna burn with me too
Cause I don't really want this life
All I really want is you
Are you gonna take me up there
Are you gonna help me see
Are you gonna live this madness 
or are you going to bury me

C         Gadd4 
So shall I run
          Am            Csus4
Or shall I fall, shall I fall for you
C           Gadd4
I'll burn it down
             Am              Csus4
I'll sell it all, I'll sell it all for you

Verse 3 (same chords)
Well tell me mama am I dreamin'
Or am I too deep in sleep
All of my friends have told me a woman makes a man's heart weak
But I don't really want to listen
I don't believe what they say
I want to be your shelter and I want you to shelter me

Verse 4 (same chords)
When we're in a town or city, 
It all starts to seem unsafe
Without you in my heart, I'm a cold man I have to say.
Living my life in shadows
I don't know what this all means, 
But I am a seeker and I'm seeking you to rescue me

Chorus x 2
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