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Valley Of Chrome - Forever Young tab

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artist:valley of chrome
album:love and devotion
song:forever young

   this is my version for the chords of forever young...hope you like it!

intro: D5 ~
       D5-Fm ~
       Fm-Gm ~ 
       Gm-A5 ~  repeat many times ... listen to the song for timing...
                             May mga part sa intro na mawawala ito like 
                             dun sa bago mg verse.

       the basic things are losing their value
       the pace of life is so complex
       people around me feel the pressure
       cause i'll remain forever young

 (basta ung next din ganyan...ung chord pattern ay D5-Fm-Gm-A5 un...)

refrain: (chord pattern: Fm''D5''Gm ~  A5)
  basta un na un...

  D5'' D5''  Gm-A5
young!young! holding on and taking grasp
  D5'' D5''  Gm-A5
young!young! a vow that i will last

   basta tuloy tuloy lang...

repeat verse
repeat refrain
repeat intro


    un,basta un na un...hehe...dedicated ko nga pala ito sa napilayan ko
nung p.e namin...hehe..tinalunan ako,ayun bali balikat...favorite niya 
valley of chrome...

   Un na un...
Mabuhay Philippines!XD
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