Wale - Bad tab

First Tab. No one had tabbed it so I figured I'd do it.

Capo on 2.
All chords are relative to the capo.

h = hammer down
\ = slide down
/ = slide up
x = muted


e |------------------------------------------------|
B |----------------------------------------------3-|
G |--0------------------0h2--0-2/4----0-2-4-2-4----|
D |----2----2-2-2-2-0h2-------------2--------------|
A |------------------------------------------------|
E |------------------------------------------------|

[Chorus & Verse]:


e |-----|
B |-----|
G |-----|
D |--2--|
A |--2--|
E |-----|


e |-----|
B |-----|
G |--1--|
D |--2--|
A |--2--|
E |--x--|


e |--x--|
B |--3--|
G |--2--|
D |--0--|
A |--x--|
E |--x--|

The strumming pattern is not hard at all. Just listen to the song to figure it out.d
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