Warfaze - Obak Bhalobasha tab

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This is one of my most favourite songs. I've tabbed it myself and it sounds pretty good. 
try it and do leave comments.

Cm   Gm    Fm      Gm
Shob alo nibhe jak adhare,
Cm     Gm         Fm      Gm
Shudhu jege thak oi durer tarara...
Cm    Gm     Fm          Gm
Shob shobdo theme jak nistobdhotay,
Cm     Gm        Fm        Gm       Cm
Shudhu jege thak ei shagor amar pashe-
Gm     Fm     Gm
Cm     Gm        Fm     Gm

Cm   Gm      Fm       Gm
Shob bedona muche jak sthirotay,
Cm    Gm       Fm       Gm
Ridoy vore jak ostitter anonde...
Cm    Gm      Fm   Gm
Ridoy gobhire obak drishtite,
Cm      Gm      Fm       Gm
Thomke dariyeche mohakal ekhane-
Gm     Fm     Gm
Cm     Gm        Fm     Gm    C

C                  F
Shukno balir shoikote,
G       F        G      F
Elomelo batashe, guitar haate,
G           F
Nistobdhota chouchir,
G     F            G#            G
Unmad jhonkare kadi amar shukher kanna,
G#            G
Jeno chuni hira panna,
G#      Gm     Fm         Gm
Shagorer buke, alpona eke diye jay
Cm        C       Cm    Gm     Cm
Obak bhalobashay...obak bhalobashay.

After this, there's a piano solo. And then the whole thing is repeated. The only change 
in the first two lines of the 2nd stanza. Here are the new lines:

Cm   Gm     Fm       Gm
Shob koshte boye jak shukher jhor,
Cm    Gm        Fm       Gm
Ridoy vore jak shohojnil shopone...

And the rest is the same. That's all there's to it. Good luck!

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