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Wavorly - Summer Song tab

Artist: Wavorly
Song: Summer Song
Tuning: DADGAd

I was kinda iffy on parts so just comment or email me at and I 
will look it over:)

d|---------------------------------------------------|There is also an extra
A|---------------------------------------------------|pluck" before every
G|---------------------------------------------------|fret change. But I find
D|------0---0-------0--0------0---0-------0---0------|myself awkwardly trying
A|----0---0---0---0--0---0---0--0---0---0---0---0----|to play it. So I just
D|--5-----------9----------4----------7--------------|play it like this. Just
                                                    listen to the song:)

Part 1
d|-0---4h5-4(s)2-0-------|       d|--0--0--|
A|-0---------------0-0---|       A|--0--0--|
G|-2---------------------| then: G|--2--2--|
D|-0---------------------|       D|--0--2--|
A|-0---------------------|       A|--2--0--|
D|-0---------------------|       D|--0--0--|

Part 2
d|-0---------------------|       d|--0--0--|
A|-0---------------------|       A|--0--0--|
G|-2---------------------| then: G|--2--2--|
D|-0---4h5-4(s)2-0-------|       D|--0--2--|
A|-0---------------0-0---|       A|--2--0--|
D|-0---------------------|       D|--0--0--|

Now, on the studio version it sounds like part 1 is being played twice. When he plays it 
live he just plays part 2 twice. I find my happy medium with playing part 1 then part 
2. Whatever sounds best to you.


Part 2
d|--7--5--4--5--|          d|--0--0--0--|
A|--0--0--0--0--|          A|--0--0--0--|
G|--0--0--0--0--|Repeat 4x G|--2--2--2--|
D|--0--0--0--0--|          D|--0--2--0--|
A|--0--0--0--0--|          A|--0--0--2--|
D|--7--5--3--5--|          D|--0--0--0--|

Well theres my shot at it.
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