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We Are The In Crowd - Come Back Home chords

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Capo 4

[ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]  Em7  Fmaj7 Am  G

Cmaj/G Fmaj7 throughout. listen to the song for strumming pattern

           Fmaj7    [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]
And your brand new friends,
Am             G                  Fmaj7 [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]
they wont care about you when the party ends
         Am               G          Fmaj7  [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]
they'll leave you in the dark saying no - o -o -o,
Am                   Em7
tell me where you're hiding,
Fmaj7       [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]   Am                  Em7       [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]
Oh - o - o - o     I think it's time you come back home


Am                            [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]
Every night since you've been gone,
I still leave the light on.
Fmaj7  Am   [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]   Fmaj7   Am
I know it's wrong to wait so long.
Am                             [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]
You say you're getting on just fine,
But you still stutter when you lie.
Fmaj7  Am  [ch]Cmaj/G[/ch]
I know you better, oh
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