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Weezer - Devotion chords

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"Devotion" by Weezer
from the deluxe version of their album, Pinkerton.

(Capo 1)

Intro: D Em A D

Verse 1:
D             Em           A                        D                  
Suddenly our shortcomings don't seem to matter that much
D          Em                 A                        D
Your IQ is 20 points low and I'm no Six Foot Hot Look All-American Man

Bm             G                A                F#m
Sad to say, I pushed you away, waiting for Mrs. Right
G          A
You never gave up...

D          Em
Devotion, waiting for me
A                    D
You'll always be my girlfriend
D           Em
I, too, am waiting for you
A                    D       D Em A
I'll always be your friend

Verse 2:
D                Em
I commend your stubbornness
A                               D
Without it we'd never got this far
D               Em
I am done with perfection
A                           D
Chasing her leaves me with nothing but pain

Pre-chorus 2:
Bm           G
Unlike you, she isn't true
A                     F#m
She's got her own concerns
G          A
You never gave up...

(go to Chorus)

Instrumental Bridge: Dm Gm A Dm (2x)

(Chorus again)

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