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Wintersleep - Insomnia tab

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Song: Insomnia
Artist: Wintersleep
Album: Wintersleep
Interpretation by: Me

Alright so basically what I'm tabbing here is a solo-acoustic cover of this song.  I do 
believe it is really this complicated to play with a band, but a guy by the name of Marc 
plays this song much like this on youtube.

You can correct me if you think any parts sound too far off, but remember, this is a 

Tuning is Drop D 1/2 step down (Db, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb, Eb)
I believe the band only plays in drop D, however, so I will work on figuring out the 
version later.




On the fourth time around, the end changes a bit:


Repeat that particular pattern throughout the song, and you've got your verses!

And I will not grow tired
of crayon stars and fire
The sunlight has punctured tiny holes
of light

Here comes the tricky part to figure out, I may very well be off on this, but at least 
fits the vocals.

I closed my eyes
I held my breath,
I prayed for light,
and gasped for oxygen,
It wasn't there.


Then close with the intro/verse picking, but slow it down a bit.

This is really close to what Marc Durkee plays on youtube, and it sounds like it takes 
both guitar parts.  To play the song in a band, like I said, is much MUCH less 
but this will at least impress your wintersleep-fan friends.

I look forward to any criticism as long as it is constructive.
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