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Woe Is Me - Desolate The Conductor Acoustic chords

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This is the Acoustic Version of Desolate the Conductor. The Chords are right but 
its not the exact version in the video of kevin and tyler in the street.

It can be played with a capo on 1 but you dont need it. 
This version doesn't need the Capo.
Cm    G#Maj    D#Maj     A#m

Out in the everglades
G#Maj                          D#Maj
Sleeping in with the poor is a fortune for the brave,
A#m          Cm
I can easily say that we will never change
G#Maj                 D#Maj                  A#m
But be implacable and never lose your flames.

Cm                                              G#Maj
Wouldn't you say that the world has spit on you enough.
D#Maj               A#m
Unanswered prayers, sleeping under streetlights
Cm                                             G#Maj   D#Maj            A#m
And I don't understand the danger of talking them up,  Talking them up
Every night,
You salvage every skyline,
D#Maj                                  A#m       Cm
Only enough so that you might have the chance to feel fine.
             G#Maj             D#Maj
    A#m                Cm
The chance to feel fine.
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