Woe Is Me - Desolate The Conductor chords

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hi guys, this is my first tab. i tabbed this by ear. this is just an easier chord 
version of desolate by woe is me. the other version i found was too hard. >.<

Capo 2!!!!

Out in the everglades,
F                              C                   G
Sleeping in with the poor is a fortune for the brave,
I can easily say that we will never change
F                     C                        G
But be implacable and never lose your flames. (Never lose your flames)
Am                                              F
Wouldn't you say that the world has spit on you enough.
Unanswered prayers, sleeping under streetlights
C                                   G
And I don't understand the danger of talking them up
Every night,
You salvage every skyline,
C                                      G              Am
Only enough so that you might have the chance to feel fine.
                                 F             C           G
Swear to God I believe we've had enough trying to save the world,

Did you hear me,
Am F    C   G    Am
We have had enough.
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