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Woodbox Gang - Dusty Dozer And Grandpa chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Drunk As Dragons

Dusty, Dozer, and Grandpa

G                  Bm           C                G
Lying there on the front porch with his head in his paws
Em               G                C                    G
Sat the dog whose name was Dusty who lived there at my grandpa's
            G               Bm      C                             G
I said, “Grandpa he must be a good one waiting for you, chewing on his bone”
Em                     G                            C                     G
Grandpa said, “Well, to tell you the truth sometimes I wish he'd just leave me alone”
         G               Bm            C                    D
With your grandma gone its just me and him but he sure ain't the best
Em                    G                    C                  G
Sure he'll catch every stick that I throw but sometimes he's just a pest
  G                       Bm            C                G
We had a dog that we called Dozer cause he rooted through the dirt
Em                    G                 C                         G
That night he wandered up so hungry eating cracked corn set out for the birds

        C                        G
Well you can't replace your best buddies
    C                     D
So be good to them while you can
    Em                       G
And if you don't show it that lump in  your throat
C               D            G
Reminds you, you miss your best friends

He used to run beside my tractor play with the kids in the yard
He'd catch every stick and kill every snake and tree every coon on the farm
Like all dogs Dozer got older and his playing days came to an end
He'd whimper with every step that he took, it hurt to see the suffering of my friend
So I hauled him up to the pasture where he played years ago
I patted his head, said, “I'll miss you my friend” and I sent him to where the good dogs go

Well Grandpa, he met up with Grandma the morning he passed away
Dusty sat all day on the porch waiting for Grandpa to come out and play
It was evening before we knew, I got there late in the day
Dusty watched as that ambulance hauled his best friend away
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