Woodbox Gang - Sardine chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Wormwood


F#m           D         A
Sardine youíre all that I got
           F#m     D          A
And youíre not very much to look at
      D                   A
Well I see you sitting there with that glassy stare
   F#m        D       A
So twisted and grimy and crooked

Sardine I know you got backbone
You ainít afraid to show me                  
Oh but I canít find youíre heart when you fall apart
Are you nothing but skinny and bony
          D      E         A
Oh but you taste so much like a woman
             D            E          A
But that just means that you are the real thing
D                 E             A          D
Itís as though you sleep where the passion runs deep
    F#m                D             A
And deeper is where the sweetest things cling
You sleep so close like flies on paper
With your sisters and your brothers
And I look into your eyes like big blackberry pies
And I chew you up just like all the others
And my breath will carry you all night
And linger on until tomorrow
Oh until I scrape you out of the cracks of my mouth
And hope that youíre children will follow
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