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Woodbox Gang - Shadow Of Tom chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Drunk As Dragons

Shadow of Tom

      E                         Bm
Well I poked my lighter through a hurricane hole
D           C           B
Drinking champagne from a turtle shell bowl
  E                        Bm
I grabbed on the hook of his big fishing rod
     D      C           B      E
I'm holding my breath in the shadow of Tom

Well I starred in a puppet show in an alleyway
Built a king size bed from a bale of hay
The sun is sweat and the moon is blood
They all get eclipsed in the shadow of Tom

D                     E                    C         D
Stereo blaring just as loud as it can
D                                 E
Tom's the only one who really understands

And I'm shuffling cards in an interstate town
I got my shoes shined by a one eyed clown
Gas station coffee ain't never too hot
I'm running on fumes in the shadow of Tom

There's a homemade scarecrow beating on a drum
A dead drunk preacher is cleaning his guns
Whiskey and dust and it's name is Mud
Spouted from the pulpit in the shadow of Tom

Then I fetched my daddy a hickory stick
Every time I cuss an unborn baby kicks
Daddy's gonna have to hit me really really hard
To end my time in the shadow of Tom
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