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Woodbox Gang - God Fearin Woman chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Born With A Tail

God Fearin' Woman

She goes to church on Sunday 
    Dm                                   Am
Sometimes at night she likes to sing the blues
Her voice is like an angel
    Dm                                     Am
She stole his heart when she walked in the room

            Dm                  Am     
She's a god fearin woman he's a devil of a man 
       E                           Am
There's heaven in her eyes there's a pistol in his hand
      Dm                             Am
He's done a lot of living she ain't never been nowhere
       E                                           Am
When it comes to good and evil they make the perfect pair

He sleeps all day on Sunday 
Hangs around the honky tonks at night
Drinking beer and smoking cigarettes 
The day they met he swore he saw the light

One day they got together
He was high and she was bound to fall
They said it'd last forever
Forever is a long long way to crawl

VERSE 4   
One night he went out drinking
When he came home she was laying the preacher man
And then there was a struggle
The gun went off and she fell to the ground
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