Woodbox Gang - Showdown chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

There ain't enough drugs in Mexico
To keep me feeling good
If I had a cause worth dying for
You know I surely could
Well I get paid every blue moon
It covers the cost of fame
'Cause every damn dollar I get is spent
To get you to remember my name

When I die I won't be mourned
When I die I won't be missed
Who could say
The day my flame burned out
Who could say If I did exist

Well I can't get a show in this town
You just can't dance to me
That's why God invented DJs and karaoke
Bar owners say "If you got a show in town
I'll come by and hear your set"
I say "Buddy I ain't played anywhere
That's just what the last guy said"

Well you can't make a living at this stuff
You can't die with dignity
The only time you'll see my name in the papers
Is in the obituaries I might get a show in heaven
I might get a show in hell when I retire
But I hear to play in heaven you got to have a harp
And in hell you got to have an amplifier
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