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Woodbox Gang - Everybody But Me chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Drunk As Dragons

Everybody But Me

E            A            G#m
I broke every mirror in the house
C#m                 G#                A
Those that wouldn't break I just threw out
        E       B        E       A
She said “What is all of this breaking about”
       E        B        E
I said “Everybody's crazy but me”

I bite my tongue and grind my teeth
She's chowing down on processed cheese and meat
I said “Baby don't you know that you are what you eat”
I see everybody's starving but me

She said “Get a job that'll pay the rent
You're baby's almost due, we're almost in a tent”
What's it matter what your house is when you're living in sin
I see everybody's hopeless but me

A                                   C#m
Everybody's got souvenirs for their misery
     B           A                          G#
I got no scars or prescription drugs I just got jealousy

My barrel is in a waterfall that starts in outer space
Fed by the tears human beings waste
And my boots are as dry as the tears on my face
I see everybody's drowning but me
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