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Woodbox Gang - I Roll My Own chords

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Band: Woodbox Gang
Album: Trashcan Americana

I Roll My Own 
     F                G           C
I was sitting at the bus stop one afternoon
        F             G              C
A man was standing there shaped like a balloon
  F               G
He asked if he could bum a smoke
  C                 Am
I said the rolling machine is broke
  F                              G
He looked at me like I was from the moon
        F                           G
He said "You're the strangest man I've known
 F                    G
I don't know anybody who still rolls their own"

       F  G     C
I said "Me I roll my own 
F      G               C
I don't take them as they come
       F             G
You can have the others if you want them
C              Am
Twenty dollars on the dozen
   F                           G
And they'll just disappear one by one"

I had a girl once try to redecorate my house
So I had to ask the cat who asked the mouse
If we need a set of doilies here
Some pink white frilly curtains there
And if we should take the trash out
It seems the only way to be king in your home
Is to find a spot and pitch your own

If I am hungry and out on the road
Just give me a single scrambled egg to go
And a cup of boiling water mama
In the name of the Dhali Lama
There ain't no use in packing such a load
You can have your filet mignon
But if I want a fancy beast I'll shoot my own

If I am walking drunk and get hit by a train
Barely kicking and in a good deal of pain
I am hoping you will pull the plug
Before you even hook my up
And maybe just help me on my feet again
And you'll run fetch me a shovel and a stone
For just as in my life in death I'll dig my own

The folks at the bus stop started turning their heads to me
Some took some interest in my philosophy
They'd been scratching fingers at their heads
At the words that I had said
Thinking maybe something to it besides insanity
People are always looking for some way to be free
And freedom can be just a better way to breathe
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