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Wovenhand - The Beautiful Axe chords

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song: the beautiful axe
album: ten stones
artist: wovenhand
chords by:

tuning: CGCGCC

Chords used for intro/verse:
Ebm             x80800
Dm7             x70700  (no 3rd)
C5              x50500
Bbadd9  x3x300  (no 3rd)

Chords used for chorus & bridge:
G5              7777xx
F5              5555xx
Eb5             3333xx
C5              000000
D5              2222xx
Bb5             101010101010            (tenth fret bar chord)
E5              4444xx
Am              9999xx

Before the guitar comes in the bass arpeggiates these chords:
Cm7             x533xx
C5              x500xx

Ebm     C5

+Riff with the above chords.

Ebm              Dm7                         C5                Bbadd9
            The night holds, xxxxx x xxxxxx xx xxx
Ebm                     C5
I see xxx xxx x xxxxxxxxxxx
Ebm                     Dm7               C5                 Bbadd9
        Living xx xxx xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxx xx xxxxx xx xxxxxx
Ebm                    C5      
Picture xxxxxx xxx, xxx xxxxxx xxxx


He did xxxxxx xxxx, xx xxxxxxx x xxxxx
Let the xxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxx xxx
To the xxxxxx xx xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx
From the xxxxx xx xxxxx xxx xxxx


G5         F5
Joy xxx xxxx
C5                    Eb5
It rises xxxx xxx xxx
C5             D5                 C5
   He's the xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxxx
G5          F5
Joy xxx xxxxx
Bb5                    G5
  In the xxxx xxxx x xxx
G5                F5        C5
Beautiful xxx xxx xxxx xxxxx xx xx

In the xxxx, xxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxx
For to xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx
We fall xxx xxxx xxx xxxxxx xx xxx xxxx xxx xxxxx
The xxxx xxx xx xxxx


C5          E5                  Eb5
  On the xxxxxxx xx xxx xxxxxx xxx
A5                Bb5             C5
  An old xxxx xxxxxx xx xx xxxx xxx xxxx
C5                                 E5  Eb5
  A flaw xx xxx xxx xxxxxxxxx xxx
Thinking xx xxx xxxxxx

chorus x2

Ebm   C5

.thats it.
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