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Yo La Tengo - Little Honda chords

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little honda
yo la tengo

I'm gonna wake you up early 

Cause I'm gonna take a ride with you.
We're going down to the Honda shop
I'll tell you what we're gonna do.
Put on a ragged sweatshirt 
                                   D  A
I'll take you anywhere you want me to. 

      D              G             D          G  
First gear, it's all right..Second gear, lean right.
      D             G      A                A7
Third gear, hang on tight..faster, it's all right.

It's not a big motorcycle, just a groovy little motorbike.
          G                                              D
It's more fun that a barrel of monkeys, that two wheeled bike.
              A                                        D    A7
We'll ride on out of the town, to any place I know you like. 


It climbs the hills like a Matchless cause my Honda's 

built really light.
          G                                   D 
When I go into the turns you'd better hang on tight.
I better turn on the lights,
                           D     A7
so we can ride on into the night. 


*Starcat spent the five minutes working this one out.  -->
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