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Zebrahead - Into You tab

Hi This is my first tab! Im no sure about some minor parts but the rest is perfect. I 
didn't do the solo cuz the other tab has got one and it's perfect

Intro Guitar 1         Intro Guitar 1 (Live and Unplugged)
e-0---4---7---5----00-     e---------------------|
b--545-545-545-545---- 2x  b---------------------| 2x
g---------------------     g---------------------|
d---------------------     d-0---4---7---5----00-|
a---------------------     a--545-545-545-545----|
e---------------------     e---------------------|

Intro Guitar 2 (muting = up and down struming)

Verse Both Guitars   After the end of the second time                  Then
e----------     e-------------------------------------    e-------------|
b-33------- 2x  b-------------------------------33---- x2 b-------------|
g-22-22----     g-------------------------------22-22-    g-44444-22222-|
d-00-22-22-     d-22--------22--------22--------00-22-    d-44444-22222-|
a----00-22-     a-22-222222-22-222222-22 222222----00-    a-22222-00000-|
e-------00-     e-00-000000-00-000000-00-000000-------    e-------------|
                      p.m.      p.m.      p.m.               tremolo

Chorus both play it 4 time each time different ending
e--------------------1st-     2 nd time     3rd------------|     4th time
g-------44444-------22222    g----2----2  g-22222  g-------|
d-22222-44444-44444-22222    d-22-2-22-2  d-22222  d-22222-|
a-22222-22222-44444-00000    a-00-0-00-0  a-00000  a-00000-|
e-00000-------22222------      pm   pm---------------------|                pm

After Chorus Guitar 1 (not sure but correct me if im wrong)
e----------------------------------------    e-----------------------|
b----------------------------------------    b-----------------------|
g-99999/1111111111/1313131313/1414141414- 2x g-16~-14141414/13~xxxxx-|
d-xxxxx/ x x x x x/ x x x x x/ x x x x x-    d- x~- x x x x/ x~xxxxx-
a-77777/ 9 9 9 9 9/1111111111/1212121212-    a-14~-16161616/11~xxxxx-|
e----------------------------------------    e-----------------------|

After Chorus Guitar 2
e-------------------------     e---------|
b------------------------- 2x  b---------|
g-99999-88888-66666-44444-     g-2~44xxx-|
d-99999-88888-66666-44444-     d-2~44xxx-|
a-77777-66666-44444-22222-     a-0~22xxx-|
e-------------------------     e---------|

Intro Both Guitars
Verse Both Guitars
Chorus Both Guitars
After Chorus Both Guitars

Bridge Guitar
e-----------  e---------------------------------------------------|
b-----------  b---------------------------------------------------|
g-----------  g-666666-888888-6666666-444444-666666-888888-444444-|
d-2-2-2-2-2-  d-666666-888888-6666666-444444-666666-888888-444444-|
a-2-2-2-2-2-  a-444444-666666-4444444-222222-444444-666666-222222-|
e-0-0-0-0-0-  e---------------------------------------------------|

Go check other tab

After Solo

After Chorus

After Chorus Guitar 1 (not sure but correct me if im wrong)
e----------------------------------------    e------------------|
b----------------------------------------    b------------------|
g-99999/1111111111/1313131313/1414141414- 2x g-16~-14141414/13~-| 2x
d-xxxxx/ x x x x x/ x x x x x/ x x x x x-    d- x~- x x x x/ x~-|
a-77777/ 9 9 9 9 9/1111111111/1212121212-    a-14~-16161616/11~-|
e----------------------------------------    e------------------|

After Chorus Guitar 2
e-------------------------     e---------------|
b------------------------- 2x  b---------------|
g-99999-88888-66666-44444-     g-2~44~-2~44xxx-|
d-99999-88888-66666-44444-     d-2~44~-2~44xxx-|
a-77777-66666-44444-22222-     a-0~22~-0~22xxx-|
e-------------------------     e---------------|


That's all :) Hope you enyoi it :D

Have any question contact me ...
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