A D D - Shot Down tab

			     SHOT DOWN - A.D.D.


INTRO(palm mute)e|-------------------------------|B|-------------------------------|G|------------5-7------------7-5-|D|-5-55555555-5-7-5-55555555-7-5-|2xA|-5-55555555-3-5-5-55555555-5-3-|E|-3-33333333-----3-33333333-----|
VERSE 1 G(palm mute) Snowboarding on my tramp really hurts your knees C(open) D C D You just get ignored even when you say please G(palm mute) You've got the coolset ideas but no one will listen to you C(open) D You're the fastest runner but you've only got one shoe
CHORUS C D C D Once more you get shot down Once more you get shot down G C D Cuz no one cares about you You try your hardest at everything (cut off here) GGGG You do......sitting not making a sound. BRIDGE INTRO VERSE 2 G(palm muted) Time to go you're not cool You always act like a fool C(open) D C D You know your girlfriend hates you You never know what to do G(palm muted) You never buy her things when she is feeling down C D She never has that smile She always has that frown BRIDGE CHORUS SOLO:
TRANSITION THINGe|---------------------------|B|---------------------------|G|---------------------------|D|-5-555-555-555-555-555-555-|A|-5-555-555-555-555-555-555-|E|-3-333-333-333-333-333-333-|
CHORUS ===============================================================================
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