A D D - Summer Song tab

			     SUMMER SONG - A.D.D.

By:Graham add_punk@hotmail.com

VERSE 1(palm mute) C G F School's out for the summer time to have some fun C G F Summer time now I'm not staying at home C G F Chores and work have no place around here C G F I'm not gonna stay and be your slave CHORUS C G A Tonight I'm going out your rules are such a bore C G A Leave me to my fun times I'm not doing chores C G A C G A I'm outta here I gotta go You can't control me anymore INTRO. VERSE 2 C G F Tonight's the end of summer all our fun's been had C G F Back to school my summer kicked some ass C G F Teachers and my parents again about my grades C G F Tonight's the night for our final fun to be had
CHORUS SOLO:e|------------------------------------------------|B|------------------------------------------------|G|------------------------------------------------|D|------14---------14---------14---------14H15P14-|A|-1515----15-1515----15-1515----15-1515----------|E|------------------------------------------------| After the solo, slide down down to where the intro. is palyed. But only play it three times.
CHORUS ===============================================================================
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