Acheron - Ave Satanas tab

                          Ave Satanas

        Transcribed by Miikka Lyytikäinen(
This is just a rough tab... You should listen the song
for timing... But these are the basic riffs for the song,
I didn't tab any solos, cause I couldn't play those myself...

intro&verse chorusE-|-|------------------||------------------------||B-|-|------------------||------------------------||G-|-|.----------------.||-----------------------.||D-|-|.----------------.||----5-4-3----4-3-2-3-2-.||A-|-|----3-2----2-1-0--||--3-3-2-1--2-2-1-0-1-0--||E-|-|--1------0--------||--1--------0------------||
PLAY LIKE THIS: | intro x4 (with solo) verse x4 chorus x4 verse x4 chorus x4 break chorus (with solo2) verse
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