Realize The Real Lies chords with lyrics by Aequitas for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Aequitas – Realize The Real Lies chords


Dm Dsus2 C Bb


Dm Dsus2Look into the mirror
C BbAnd tell me what you see
Dm Dsus2Are you free or just
C Bb A7A slave of the authorities
Dm Dsus2Don't you ever question
C BbThe will that you fulfill
Dm Dsus2Don't you ever ask
C EWhat's real
Am Open up your eyes
C Open up your eyes
GBreak out and live
FCome and taste the real life
AmOpen up your mind
COpen up your mind
GReach for the truth
FRealize the real lies
F A7 [VERSE] Weakness kept in silence No doubtful voice is raised Throughout this endless crisis Which no one dares to face The choking hand of violence Feeds us rotten thoughts of hate Don't wait now break the silence Don't wait ... [CHORUS] [BRIGDE]
Am G Am C F GOpen up your eyes
Am G Am C F GOpen up your mind
AmOpen up your eyes
C GOpen up your mind
F EStart to realize
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