Aequitas - Hes A Pirate chords

[Tuning: 1 step down]

Dm BbHe escaped from the island
Am DmOur strong captain Jack
Bb FHe bound turtles together
C DmWith hair from his back
Dm BbLeft alone with a gun
Gm DmTo look death in the eye
Bb DmBut Red Bull gave him wings
A7 And he learned how to fly
So he traveled with the guy From Lord of the Rings To the island of Tortuga Where he had a few flings He drafted a crew To find the Isla de Muerta And with blood from a bootstrap
A7 He got rid of the curse
Dm A7 Gm A7
Dm BbOh Yeah
F CHe is a Pirate
Gm DmYo Ho
A7 Dm A7 DmKing of the sea
Dm CAnd the pearl with its crew
F CSails the ocean tonight
F AmAnd the darkness reveals
Dm Am Dm Every wound can be healed
Dm CAnd the moonlight displays
F BbWhat may hide from your sight
Dm GmWhen your eyes are blinded
A7 DmBy daylight
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