Aerosmith – What Could Have Been Love chords ver. 3

Aerosmith - What Could Have Been Love  (2012)

D I wake up and wonder
G Bmhow everything went wrong
A GAm I the one to blame
DI gave up and left you
G BmFor a nowhere bound train
A GNow that train has come and gone
EmI closed my eyes and see you
Bm# Lying in my bed
D A Gand i still dreamed of that day
============= Refrain ======================
E Ab What could have been love
F#mShould have been the only thing
B Ethat was ever meant to be
Ab Didnt know couldnt see
A Bwhat was right in front of me
E Ab And now that Im alone
F#m BAll I have is emptiness that comes from being free
E Ab A B What could have been love will never be
D GAn old friend who told me that you found somebody new
Bm A Gohhhhh, youre finally moving on
D You think that Id be over you
Gafter all these years
Bm A GYeahhh but time is proving wrong
D A GCause im still holding on Yea yea Yea
Fm#We've gone our separate ways
Cm#Say goodbye to another way
Fm#Still wonder where you are
Cm#Or are you too far from talking back
D B# B# B#You were slipping through my hands and I didnt understand
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