Air Traffic – Time Goes By tab

Here are the Chords to "Time Goes By" on the Album "Fractured Life" by Air Traffic

Dm/C: 857565 ( Bar Dm and add C on the low E string)
F/E: 033211 ( Alternately - x71010xx)

The whole song apart from a bridge is played like:


C Dm Am F


C Dm Am F

Verse 2 (Second Guitar)

e ----------8-------|B ------8-------8---|G --9---------------|D ------------------|
Verse 3 (Second Guitar)
C Dm Em Ce ------------------------12----|B ---5------6------8------13----|G ---5------7------9------12----|D ------------------------------|A ---3------5------7------------|E ------------------------------|
Chorus 3
C (play for 3 bars) F (for the 4th bar)e -----12------------------------13----|B -----13------------------------13----|G -----12------------------------14----|D -------------------------------------|A -------------------------------------|E -------------------------------------|
Bridge Gm Dm Dm/C Bb C F F/E Bridge (Guitar 2) Play the B string tremolo
e ------------------------------------------------------------------|B ----11---13---10--13--8--13--6--5--3(repeat twice)-6-8-5----------|(Backwards Guitar)G ------------------------------------------------------------------|D ------------------------------------------------------------------|A ------------------------------------------------------------------|E ------------------------------------------------------------------|
This is the revised version :) Thank you any questions e-mail
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