Alan Menken - Heavens Lighthellfire chords

SONG(S): Heaven's Light/Hellfire
ARTIST: Alan Menken and Stephen Schwartz

From the musical, The Hunchback Of Notre Dame


F   Fsus   F   Fsus   F  

C/F D#/F So many times out there
A#/F F G9/F I've watched a happy pair
A7/F F Gm7/COf lovers walking in the night
F A#sus2 They had a kind of glow around them
A#sus2/D Am7 A# F It almost looked like heaven's light
C/F D#/FI knew I'd never know
A#/F F G/F That warm and loving glow
A/F Asus A Dm Though I might wish with all my might
Dm/C A#(add2) F/A Gm7 No face as hideous as my face
F(add2)/A A#(add2)Was ever meant for heaven's light
F A#m/F F F7 A#(add2)But suddenly an angel has smiled at me
Dm G C7sus C7 F And kissed my cheek without a trace of fright
C/F D#/F I dare to dream that she
A#/F F G7/F Might even care for me
A7/F Em7/A Am A# And as I ring these bells tonight
Am Dm7 Gm7 My cold dark tower seems so bright
C7sus F5I swear it must be heaven's light
F5 F5 F5 A#(add2) F5 F5 F5 F5 A#(add2) A#(add2)
A# Gm/A#Confiteor Deo Omnipotenti (I confess to God almighty)
F/A# A# D# F A# F Beatae Mariae semper Virgini (To blessed Mary ever Virgin)
F/D# Dm7 A#/D D#(add2) D# Beato Michaeli archangelo (To the blessed archangel Michael)
Dm Gm Cm/D# F A#Sanctis apostolis omnibus sanctis (To the holy apostles, to all the saints)
F7 A# Beata Maria
D# Cm7 A#/F F/D# You know I am a righteous man
A# D# Gm Of my virtue I am justly proud
Gm/F Et tibit Pater (And to you, Father)
D A D Beata Maria
Gm Dm7b5 D/A A/G You know I'm so much purer than
A#/F Asus/E A7 DThe common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd
Quia peccavi nimis (That I have sinned)
Gm D Gm Then tell me, Maria
Cm A#/D D Why I see her dancing there
D# Asus A7 D Why her smold'ring eyes still scorch my soul
A/D D Cogitatione (In thought)
Gm D Gm I feel her, I see her
Cm A#/D D The sun caught in raven hair
D# A7 D7sus Is blazing in me out of all control
D7b9 G5Verbo et opere (In word and deed)
Like fire Hellfire
D5This fire in my skin
This burning Desire
DmIs turning me to sin
It's not my fault Mea culpa (Through my fault) I'm not to blame Mea culpa (Through my fault)
CIt is the gypsy girl, the witch who sent this flame
Mea maxima culpa (Through my most griveous fault)
FmIt's not my fault
Mea culpa (Through my fault) If in God's plan Mea culpa (Through my fault)
C#maj7 Dm7b5 G/B CsusHe made the devil so much stronger than a man
Mea maxima culpa (Through my most griveous fault)
F C F Protect me, Maria
A#m F/C C/A# Don't let this siren cast her spell
F/A A# DmDon't let her fire sear my flesh and bone
F/CDestroy Esmeralda
A#m F/A And let her taste the fires of hell
Gm7 A7sus A7 Or else let her be mine and mine alone
A5 (8 bars) D5 Hellfire Dark fire Now gypsy, it's your turn Choose me or Your pyre Be mine or you will
D5Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)
Gm/D Dm Em7(no5)/D God have mercy on her
D5Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)
G/D Dm E7/D God have mercy on me
D5Kyrie Eleison (Lord have mercy)
Am Gm Dm/F But she will be mine
E7(no5) Or
D5 D5 D5 D5 A#(add2)burn!
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