Alan Menken – Part Of Your World chords ver. 2

BbLook at this stuff
CIsn't it neat
Bb CWouldn't you think my collection's complete
Am DmWouldn't you think I'm the girl
G7 GThe girl who has everything
BbLook at this trove
CTreasure's untold
Bb CHow many wonders can one cavern hold
Am DmLooking around here you'd think
G7 G"Sure, she's got everything"
Dm AmI've got gadgets and gizmos of plenty
Dm G7I've got whosits and whatsits galore
Dm AmYou want thingamabobs - I've got twenty
DmBut who cares
AmNo big deal
G7 GI want more
F AmI wanna be where the people are
BbI wanna see
CWanna see 'em dancing
Dm Am Bb CWalking around on those, what do you call them? Oh feet
F AmFlipping your fins you don't get too far
Bb CLegs are required for jumping, dancing
Dm Am Bb CStrolling along down the, what's that word again? Street
FUp where they walk
F7Up where they run
Bb BbmUp where they stay all day in the sun
FWandering free
CWish I could be
F F7Part of that world
BbWhat would I give
C Am DmIf I could live outta these waters
BbWhat would I pay
CTo spend a day
Am DmWarm on the sand
BbBet'cha on land
CThey understand
Am DmBet they don't reprimand their daughters
G7Bright young women
G7Sick of swimming
CReady to stand
F AmI'm ready to know what the people know
Bb CAsk them my questions and get some answers
F Am Bb CWhat's a fire and why does it, what's the word? Burn
FWhen's it my turn
F7Wouldn't I love
B BbLove to explore that shore up above
FOut of the sea
Bb CWish I could be
BbPart of that
C Bb C FWorld
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