I Google You chords with lyrics by Amanda Palmer - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Amanda Palmer – I Google You chords

I Google You
Intro: G7/G
G7 I Google you
Csus4/Clate at night when I don’t know what to do
Bb I find photos
Fyou’ve forgotten you were in
G7put up by your friends
G7I Google you
Csus4/Cwhen the day is done and everything is through
BbI read your journal
Fthat you kept that month in France
G7I’ve watched you dance
CAnd I’m pleased your name is practically unique
Fmit’s only you and a would-be PhD in Chesapeake
C Fmwho writes papers on the structure of the sun
G7I’ve read each one
CI know that I should let you fade
Fmbut there’s that box and there’s your name
Csomehow it never makes the pain
Fmgrow less or fade or disappear
CI think that I should save my soul and
FmI should crawl back in my hole
CBut it’s too easy just to fold
Fmand type your name again I fear
G7I google you
Csus4/CWhenever I’m alone and feeling blue
BbAnd each scrap of information
FThat I gather
G7says you’ve got somebody new
CAnd it really shouldn’t matter
Fmought to blow up my computer
Gbut instead….
CI google you
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