Among The Thirsty – Id Need A Savior chords

This is just a little easier way to play in my opinion than the actual chords 
which can be found here 

The chord with * don't really have a name that I know of so I tabbed them out

Bm* |024400| True Bm would be |x24432|
D2* |057700| True D2 would be |xx0230|

This is a wonderful song and really simple to play in this arrangement.  I'm in no 
way trying to take credit for 
or claim rights to the song or lyrics.  Enjoy!

Among The Thirsty - I'd Need A Savior
From the album Wonder

A2How many names
ECan I use to explain
Bm*The love of my Jesus
D2*The life that He gave
A2And so many times
EWill I praise You today
Bm*I lift up my life
D2*Cause You're always the same
Bmin C#min D2*And my
Bmin C#min D2*To you......I......bring
E A2Your name is Jesus
C#min Your name is Jesus
D2* C#min Bmin EYou're the wonderful, counselor, my friend
A2You're what I hold on to
C#min I know that You brought me through
D2* C#min Bmin EAll the days of loss and to the cross, You knew
A D2*That I'd need a Savior
Verse 2:
A2How many songs
ECan I sing to proclaim
Bm*Your wonderous love
D2*Oh and beauty so great
A2Oh and, What would I say
EIf You brought down the rain
Bm* D2*And everyday I walked through the pain
Bmin C#min D2My heart would still sa.......aa.......aay
(Repeat chorus with bridge ending.......) Chorus ending into bridge.........
D2* C#min Bmin E......All the days of loss, and to the cross You knew,
Bmin E A D C#min Bmin A/C# D2* E That I'd Need a Savior Well, I'd need a Savior....woah
A2 C#min You're what I hold onto, I know that You brought me through
D2* C#min Bmin E All the days of loss and to the cross You knew,
A2 Asus That I'd need a Savior
A2 Asus I'd need a Savior,
A2 I need You Savior.
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