Among The Thirsty – Wonder chords

Title: Wonder (Reprise)
Artist: Among The Thirsty
Date: 10-23-09
Track #: 11
                           Wonder (Reprise)
Capo 2
E This is the time
AThis is the place
E B AThis is the end of me
E When failure sets in
AAnd I just can't win
E B AThis is where you begin
B A EThe places I've been I won't talk about
B A BBut you still find a way to pull me out
ESo I put my face
C#mDown to the ground
AIt's where I find peace
BI won't make a sound
EI give you all control
C#mI know this is how
AYou want me to be
BGod I hear you now
C#m A EGod I hear you now-Oooh,etc.
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