Anais Mitchell – Venus tab

			     Venus – Anais Mitchell
Tabbed by: Sam Bevet

This song is real easy, just 5 chords. It’s not on any albums yet, but there’s a video 
youtube that you can watch to get the timing down. Just repeat the verse riff except for 
the chorus where you play the chorus progression.

Capo 5th Fret

C/G Gsus4 e|-0-| e|-0-| B|-1-| B|-1-| G|-0-| G|-0-| D|-2-| D|-0-| A|-3-| A|-2-| E|-3-| E|-3-|
Dsus2/F# D* G e|-0-| e|-0-| e|-3-| B|-3-| B|-3-| B|-0-| G|-2-| G|-0-| G|-0-| D|-0-| D|-4-| D|-0-| A|-0-| A|-5-| A|-2-| E|-2-| E|-5-| E|-3-|
Verse: C/G Gsus4 C/G Gsus4 C/G Gsus4 Dsus2/F# Chorus: C/G G C/G D* C/G D* C/G I seen Venus Venus coming She come down in a cloud machine And I believe, I believe she’s the Only woman I ever seen She come curving Soft and hard and carved out of marble tall and fair Her heart is a temple Lover you better kneel if you ever enter there She don’t need no one Don’t need no one, don’t need no one to hold her hand Chorus: I just want to see her face again I want to see her again Venus laughing, Venus singing Venus moaning Oh My God it’s like you set the green earth spinning Like you light the sky above She opened her mouth and birds flew out Her love was hovering all around And my love moved inside of me A snake waked up in my body I’m not making, I ain’t making, I’m not making Any kind of plans Chorus: I just want to see her face again And again, I want to see her again I’ve seen Venus, Venus leaving I don’t even know what it means But I believe, I believe that She’s the only woman I ever did see ===============================================================================
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