Andrew Lloyd Webber – The Phantom Of The Opera tab

ive never done this but i made these up not exactly the tuning to the song but
you can sing along *note:keys change between first two verses. 

Verse 1:no capo 
Em           C     D                 G                     C        D  
in sleep he sang to me in dreams he came that voice which calls to me and 
           G              C       D            G        Em 
speaks my name and do i dream again for now i find the phan-tom of the 
 Am        ?         N.C.
opera is there, inside my mind

Verse 2:capo 2 
Em         C           D             G             C     D
sing once again with me our strange duet my power over you grows stronger
G                   C          D            G         Em              Am 
yet and though you turn from me to glance behind the phan-tom of the opera
     ?         N.C     
is there inside yout mind 

Verse 3:capo 2
Em              C            D               G            C          D   
those who have seen your face draw back in fear i am the mask you wear it's 
         G                C          D          G          Em 
me they hear your spirit and my voice in one combined the phan-tom of the
 Am        ?                                                                
opera is there inside my mimd  

bridge:capo 2
       Em         C            Am  
he's there the phantom of the opera 

Hope you enjoyed xXx
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