Ane Brun – Oh Love chords

Intro: G Am x2

GOh love
Right from the start
AmYou were old love
Like we've never been parted
GYou kissed me
AmYour hands down my side to my hips
Still shivers inside
GAll the breathing
From your mouth through mine
A AmAbout how long
GThere's hunger for one more time
AmLover of mine, when I kissed you
Em AI felt so good, tell this tale to me
DWell I won't believe
AmThat I'm already here
Em A Am Tell this tale to me
A D No, I won't believe
AmThat we're already here
Oh love, you covered my skin With your eyes as they found me I kissed you, danced in your sand And fell into a never ending moment And the whisper from your mouth through mine With those words that gently filled my lungs Lover of mine, when I'm with you I forget how am I to being lonely Living without you Spend another day passing by you Don't wanna know how it feels if I do Tell this tale to me No, I won't believe That I'm already here Tell this tale to me I won't believe That we're already here Tell me, this is real No, I won't believe I won't believe No, I won't believe No, I won't believe No, I won't believe
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