Black Crow chords with lyrics by Angus And Julia Stone - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Angus And Julia Stone – Black Crow chords

Pretty sure this is how it goes anyway.
If ya  work out differently let me know.
Key EVerse is palm muted open chords
chorus open Em slide to Barr chord C
Em eyes from the free
C Em Ctake down the way
Emred riders of the dark
C Em Chelp me through this maze
Emdo ya know mista
C Em Cof this place
Em do ya know mista
C Em Cno time to waste
Emwont ya help me
C Em Cbe on my way
Emwont ya help me
C Em C(one strum stop)be on my way
so i can set me free summer in her eyes the dark a thousand crows cold thriller in disguise blue shadows stitched to her toes do ya know mista.... propagan for everyman on a paper stand ya know when will the spinsters face let give that twist of grace ya know do ya know mista....
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