Antonio Vivaldi - Winter tab

Amazing band, excellent album, I noticed there were no tabs yet, so I thought I'd set 
ball rolling, if anyone couldwork out better how this or any of the other songs could be 
would be much appreciated.
Band website:

Play A then E twice to intro.

                   A                  E
When our love grew tired & we lost desire
Was it all the stress and struggles -
the constant pressure to provide?
   A                          E
Or was it just never right?

                A             E
Could we battle on and see it through?
When there was never any sign of where or
when the sky turned blue?
A                        E
Only the storm and you

           A                     E
Now youíre living as you want to live
          A                      E
Youíll be kissing someone elseís lips
A                    F#
Just like you were before me

E               C#m              G#m
You took the sun out of my summertime.
A                    E
Now itís just bright light,
C#m                             G#m          A
And it might as well be winter
Iím bored of crying
C#m                G#m
Iím bored of these lies
A               E
Iím bored of me trying
C#m                       G#m
You go off and please yourself
Just like you usually do

Going in reverse
Couldnít be far worse
Now that weíre becoming strangers
you canít admit it doesnít hurt
 A                           E
Abandoning all that worked

Play pre-chorus then chorus again.

       F#               C#m
If you want to know the truth about it
  F#               C#m
I guess I love you still
       F#               C#m
If Iím crawling back in bed beside you
F#                    E       C#m       G#m       A
You know itís just to kill


A               E
Itís no loss to me
A               E
Itís no loss to me
A               E
Itís no loss to me
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