Apollo – Why tab

"WHY" by Apollo intro: e/------------------------------------------------|B/-------------------------------------------------|G/5--3--0--3------0--3--0--------------------------|D/---------------3--------------3--0------0--3--0--|A/--------------------------------------3----------|E/ ------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: Em D Sittin in the back seat G Watchin the world go by Em D Em G Then you see the sunset in the western sky G D You make beleive a dream Em G A dream where you can fly Em D When you settle down to reality G You stare and wonder Why Chorus: Em D Why is the sky blue Em G Why do I love you Em D Why do the birds fly G And why cant I then a little riff thats like the intro:
Verse two: Em G I wanna know how I love you Em D When your love is so untrue G C I saw you walk away Em D Just like you did yesterday Em D When talk you turn your back Em G you dont care and thats a fact D I will still love you Em G Why Cant you love me too.... then you just strum: Em G D / / / / / / / / / / / / then you play the chorus and fade out struming....Em and G
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