Apollo – Better tab


   This is a song I wrote for my band Apollo.  It's really simple and
basic.  I wrote it for 2 guitars--a lead(1st)and a rhythm(2nd).  I am
still workin on a chorus and outro, and maybe even a bridge.  I think
the chorus will probably consist E, Am, and Em chords, but I will send
in the new tab when I get it for sure.  Well, here it is!

Bm/F#('Bm')   Em9/D('Em9')   D??('D')   C
    2              2            2       0
    3              0            3       1
    4              0            0       0
    4              0            0       2
    x              x            x       3
    x              x            x       x

  (Repeat once. Slow pace. 1st guitar plays picking, 2nd plays chords
 above. First time through, 1st guitar only plays top note of chord.
 2nd guitar comes in second time through, and plays one strum per
  'Bm'            'Em9' 'D'         C             'Bm'        'Bm'
Verse: (Repeat once. A little faster pace, still slow. 1st plays picking, 2nd plays chords above with ubeat rhythm.) 'Bm' 'Em9' 'D' C 'Bm'e|--------------2---------------2---------------0---------------2--|B|------3-----3-3-------3-----3-3-------1-----1-1-------3-----3-3--|G|----4-----4---4-----0-----0---0-----0-----0---0-----4-----4---4--|D|--4-----4-----4---0-----0-----0---2-----2-----2---4-----4-----4--|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Pre-Chorus: (Slow way down. 1st hit chord when indicated on tab, 2nd when indicated above tab. One strum per chord.) 'Bm' 'Bm' 'Em9' 'D' 'D' C C 'Bm'(x3)e|--2------------2----2----2--------2----0----------------2--|B|--3------------3----0----3--------3----1----------------3--|G|--4------------4----0----0--------0----0----------------4--|D|--4------------4----0----0--------0----2----------------4--|A|-----------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------|
Well, that's all I have so far...hope y'all like it!
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