April Wine – Fast Train tab

Tuning:Capo On second Fret

Timming ( 4/4): 
D (e e) 
D+ (s s s s) 
[Cadd9 (e e)] 
G (s s s s) 

Strumming Pattern: 
D (d d)
D+ (d u d u)
Cadd9 (d d)
G (d u d u)


D D+ Cadd9 G x5

Verses & Chorus(Remember the capo on second otherwise this makes no sense) e. e. ssss e. e. ssss e. e. ssss s s s s s|-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-----------------------------------------------------||-2-2--xxxx--7-7--xxxx--9-9--xxxx-----------0h2p0-----||-2-2--xxxx--7-7--xxxx--9-9--xxxx-------0h2-----------||-0-0--xxxx--5-5--xxxx--7-7--xxxx---0h2-----------2p0-| d d dudu d d dudu d d dudu d d d u
Now for the INterlude ssss e|--------||-0000-0-||-2222-2-| x4|-2222-2-||-0000-0-||--------|
dudu d e e e e e e e e|-----------------||-----------------||-----------------||-0-x-0-x-0-x-0h2-||-0-x-0-x-0-x-0h2-||-----------------| d d d d d d d
Solo ( Still havent figured it out alongs with tha outro) Alls I know is that my tab is ten times better than the other tab yous gots up there Legend p = pull off h = hammer on x = scratch Timing legend . = dotted note e = eighth note s = sixteenth note Strumming Legend u = up d = down And in case your confused about the capo then this should help yus D = |-4-| |-5-| |-4-| GEt it Good luck If you like it or gots the solo give it to me att attack-dog_101@hotmail.com
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