Ari Hest - Big Ben tab

Capo on 6th fretIntro---------------------------|---------------------------|--0-0----0-0---0-0-h2-0-0--|-0-----0------3--------2---|-------------5-------------|3----33--------------------|
Part 1 "Dont you get....---------------------------|---------------------------|--0-0----0-0---0-0-h2-0-0--|-0-----0------3--------2---|-------------5-------------|3----33--------------------|
Part 2 "somethings gonna give...---0--|3--1--|0--0--|2--2--|3--0--|------|
Part 3------------|3--5--------|0--5--------|0--3--(x2)--|x--5--------|3-----------|
Part 4 "With so much weight..---0--3--|3--1--3--|0--0--0--|2--2--0--|3--0--x--|------3--|
part 5 "someone...--------------|3--3--0-------|0--0--0-------|0--0--0--(x2)-|3--0--0-------|0--1--3-------|
Part 6 "They became...--------------|4--3-------4--|3--0-------3--|5--0--(x2)-5--|3--x-------3--|---3----------|
Part 7 "Think big ben..3--2--0--2--------|0--0--0--0--3--4--|0--0--0--0--0--3--|0--0--0--0--0--5--|------2-----3--3--|3--2--0--2--------|
part 1 Dont you get too close Make a mental note Part 2 That somethings gonna give If you wait this time out Part 3 A penny strikes the well And sinks down to the bottom Part 4 With so much weight to bear Its a quick fix so dont you dare back down Part 5 Someone please explain How days so plain part6 Became so fickle and dangerous Have gathered an unsettling dust Have beaten up the both of us part 7 Think Big Ben, Big Ben Dont go down that easy part 3 A knock at your front door You answer from the bed part2 Nobody comes in Nobody goes out part3 Mistakes you cant take back The unforgiven move part 4 If this cant be erased Youre left wondering about what might have been Chorus (part 5"someone..) Part 1 She wants to know the truth You want to hurt her less Part2 And one day this will pass And neither of you will even care
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