Arrogant Worms - The Assumption Song chords version 1

Hey guys, this my first tab and this is an easy tab on how to play "The Assumption 
Song" by the Arrogant Worms.

Tabbed by: Chadster111

This song is fairly simple once you get down the chords. The chords are:

 C: x32010
 G: 320003
Am: xx2210
 F: x33211

Once you have these chords down it is a simple, 'down-down-down-down' strum 
pattern. You will play the chords simultaneously with the quarter notes.

Please be aware that you will strike 'C' twice, 'G' twice, 'Am' twice, but only 'F' once. Once you hit 'F' once, you start over the pattern like so: C C G G Am Am F C C G G e|----0-----0-----3-----3------0------0-----1--|--0-----0-----3-----3---etc.|B|----1-----1-----0-----0------1------1-----1--|--1-----1-----0-----0-------|G|----0-----0-----0-----0------2------2-----2--|--0-----0-----0-----0-------|D|----2-----2-----0-----0------2------2-----3--|--2-----2-----0-----0-------|A|----3-----3-----2-----2------x------x-----3--|--3-----3-----2-----2-------|E|----x-----x-----3-----3------x------x-----x--|--x-----x-----3-----3-------|
This pattern ensues throughout the entire song. Now to the entire tabulature:
C GThere was an old farmer who lived on a rock,
Am Fhe sat in the meadow, just shaking his
C Gfist at the boys who were down by the crick,
Am Ftheir feet in the water, their hands on their
C Gmarbles and playthings and hand half-past four,
Am Fthere came a young lady, she looked like a
C Gpretty young creature she sat on the grass,
Am Fshe pulled up her dress, and she showed them her
C Gruffles and laces and fluffy white duck,
Am Fshe said she was learning a new way to
C Gbring up her children, so they would not spit
Am F while the boys in the barnyard were shoveling
C Grefuse, and litter from yesterday's hunt
Am Fwhile the girl in the meadow was rubbing her
C Geye at the fellow, down by the dock
Am Fhe looked like a man with a sizable
C Ghome in the country, with a big fence out front
Am Fif he asked her politely, she'd show him her
C Glittle pet dog, who was subject to fits
Am Fand maybe she'd let him grab hold of her
C Gsmall, tender hands with a movement so quick
Am Fand then she'd bend over and suck on his
C Gcandy, so tasty made of butterscotch
Am Fand then he'd spread whip cream all over her
C Gcookies that she had left out on her shelf
Am if you think this is dirty
Fyou can go ____ yourself!
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