Arrogant Worms - The Assumption Song tab

Hullo UG world. This is my first tab, and although I don't know how YOU play this, this 
how I play this.

there was an old farmer who lived on a rock----------2---2------2---2----5----3-2--0-|----------3---3------3---3----3----3-3--2-|--Z-------2---2------2---2----2----2-2--2-|-------0----------0-----------------------|------------------------------------------|------------------------------------------|
he sat in a meadow just shaking his (fist) at the boys....(etc) -------0--0-----0---0----------------------2---2------.... -------2--2-----2---2----------------------3---3------.... -------2--2-----2---2----------------------2---2------.... --------------------------------------0------------0--.... ----0--------0-----------0--2----4--------------------.... Would love some feedback, STANDARD TUNING: EADBGe
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