Atb – Autumn Leaves chords


CI woke under cover of darkness
GmLooked up unto the television sky
CI wandered through the city alone
GmThis rain wouldn't stop I couldn't dry my eyes
I cried... ----- Chorus
DmWho is the one to blame
Why is it that you never say
GmWhen the feeling leaves
If you're through with me...
DmAs I'm walking through the rain
Cold tears running down my face
GmLike the autumn leaves
Fm F#mOn a windy day...
CI went out to the edge of town
GmOver bright highways where the traffic was the only sound
CWhile my eyes were looking at the ground
GmI could see pictures of you floating all around
I didn't doubt... CHORDS "DUNNO THE NAMES SO I LABELED THEM BELOW" C- X32X1X Gm- X2XX3X Dm- XXX211 Fm- XX321X Fm#- XX3213
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