Atlas Sound - Criminals chords

For the G chords, lift your finger from the second fret sometimes. And for the Am chords, slide your pink on the high e string from the third fret to the second. I
didn't tab the strumming but it would look like this: G Ame|----3-3-3------0-0-0|B|----2-0-2------0-0-0|G|----0-0-0------2-2-2|D|----0-0-0------2-2-2|A|----3-3-3------1-1-1|E|----3-3-3------0-3-2|
G Am G Am x3
G This criminal
AmWalked into my room
Bm AmHe asked me
Bm AmWhy do you live this way?
Bm AmThink of all you could have,
GWhat I would take
G Am x2
G AmWell, have you got a clue?
Bm AmWhy do you live this way?
Bm AmWhy do you?
Bm AmThink of all I'd take
D AmYou think that I don't know
D Amyou think that I don't know
Bm DYou're wrong
Bm DYou're wrong
G AmAnd to god
G AmI called out
G AmOver bullets
G AmThey were in and out, man
Bm AmAnd it was my end
Bm AmAt least I called into question
Bm AmWhy we walk this route
Bm AmWhat is for me in it
G Am x2 End on G
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