Atlas Sound – Terra Incognita tab

Intro/verse: It's just the bottom half of four chords (Am, Bm, Em, Bm)listen to get the rhythm

Then it goes to this: x2 x2e|-14----------------|--12-----------------|B|---14--------------|----12---------------|G|-----14-13--13-14--|------12-11--11-12---|D|----------14-------|-----------12--------|A|-------------------|---------------------|E|-------------------|---------------------|
That goes on a couple times, then it goes back to the intro/verse Ending:
Those two measures repeat for a while. He loops some other cool things over that, but it's really free sounding and you can do what ever. I like to play high E, F and G on the high E string tremolo picked. And that's pretty much the whole song. Send comments with feedback!
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