awfultune – Haunted chords

  [Verse 1]
FI could pull the sheets over my head
DmAnd never get out of this bed
CBut what would that do?
FI avoid all mirrors
Dm'Cause I'm scared to look into my eyes
CWhen I only see you
[Pre Chorus]
GmIt's like you're always creeping
DmOn the walls, and in my feelings
Gm CAll those stories about ghosts are really true
FI put one foot
FIn front of the other, front of the other
DmI turn every corner, turn every corner
Gm CEven when you're nowhere in the room
FI'm haunted by you
FI light all my candles, light all my candles
DmThe darkness
DmIs too hard to handle, too hard to handle
Gm CSleeping is just something I can't do
FI'm haunted by you
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