awfultune – Lvr Boy chords

Ci used to get on my knees
Amand id pray for love
Dmto come find me someday
Efor love to come meet me my way
Gyour love hit like a brick to the face
Cand when i put up a fight
Amyou put me back in my place
Dmi thought i wasn't cut out for this race
Eyou know how i feel
Cmaj7you dont need a song
Gbut just in case
Cyou're my lvr boy
Ammy stay in bed under the cover boy
Dmmy only you and no other boy
E Gmy face is red come smother me boy
Ccuz you're my lvr boy
Amcome on and meet my mother boy
Dmyou made me a lil tougher boy
Emy life was black and white
Gbut now i see color boy
Cmaj7you're my lvr boy
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